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Broncos tap Vance Joseph as head coach, Bill Musgrave candidate for Offensive Coordinator

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There’s a new head coach in Denver. It’s former Dolphins Defensive Coordinator, Vance Joseph. This move has been officially announced by the Broncos.

Joseph rose up the ranks quickly, considering he was DC in Miami just one season before getting the call to take over as the head coach in Denver. Prior to that he had been a longtime defensive backs coach, first at the NFL level with the 49ers (2006-10), then Texans (2011-13) and Bengals (2014-15).

The Broncos selected Joseph over offensive coach — and son to former Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan — Kyle Shanahan.

Among the candidates for the coordinator jobs are Joe Woods for Defensive Coordinator, and, for Offensive Coordinator, former Broncos OC and recently fired Chargers head coach Mike McCoy, and former Raiders OC Bill Musgrave.

Musgrave’s contract was up with the Raiders and they didn’t renew it. After running a top NFL offense last season, he is expected to find a job elsewhere rather quickly. McCoy has the inside track on the Denver job, but even if Musgrave loses out to him, there will likely be other OC jobs open for him.