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Chargers expected to announce this week they will be moving to Los Angeles

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With all the talk of Las Vegas and the Raiders it can be easy to forget the Chargers are about to reach the deadline for them to decide whether they want to opt into the clause in the LA stadium deal that would have them moving in with the Rams.

They are expected to do just that, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Last year when the Rams were vying for a new stadium in Inglewood and the Chargers and Raiders were competing with that proposal with one of their own in Carson. Neither proposal received enough votes for owner approval, so Jerry Jones came in with a third option that would have the Rams and Chargers sharing the Inglewood stadium and have the Raiders heading back to Oakland.

That third option was approved by the owners but the deal stipulations were that the Chargers were given a year to opt into it and if they didn’t the Raiders would be allowed to take their place and move in with Stan Kroenke and the Rams.

Over the past year the Chargers put a stadium bill on the ballot and it didn’t pass and the Raiders have moved on to set their sights on Vegas. So, it looks like it’s time for the Chargers to bolt for LA LA Land.