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Watch: Now former Chargers fans dump gear at headquarters, one fan dumps team for Raiders

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The scene in front of San Diego Chargers headquarters right now is one we could see come to Oakland soon as the team heads north to Los Angeles, stripping San Diego from their name.

Fans began dumping off all their Chargers gear and memorabilia this morning and it continues as the mound of stuff gets larger and larger.

Before the pile stacked up, it was vandalism from one angry former long time Chargers fan, who brought a carton of eggs to pelt at the front door of the facility:

NFL Network’s Alex Flanagan caught much of the action as the morning has gone on, including this Chargers fan who thought it a good idea to to a press conference without his shirt on.

The pile started small, and soon got some large contributions, including one fan who had a sizable amount of Chargers gear and claimed to be moving on to become a Raiders fan.