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Hopefully this cutup of Khalil Mack’s performance in Houston helps tide you over until next season

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Most of the Raiders team was doing a faceplant in Houston for the Wild Card game. But Khalil Mack was getting his. Mack had a dominant performance vs the Texans despite being held without a sack.

He was probably the easiest Top Baller nod I’ve ever had to make. Granted that was partially because of just how horrible the rest of the team looked, but still, he was worthy, finishing with a team leading 11 combined tackles (8 solo), and two tackles for loss.

Today we learned the First Team All Pro pass rusher will not participate in the Pro Bowl, for which he received his second invite in three seasons. The reason was said to be an injury, which he must have suffered against the Texans though based on his performance, if he was gimpy, it was impossible to tell.

Here are his highlights from the game as compiled by our own Goro Burroughs. Enjoy. Hopefully it will help tide you over until we get to watch him work again next season.