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Karl Joseph makes first major purchase with Raiders rookie check: He bought mom her “dream house”

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His rookie season complete, Karl Joseph set about making his first order of business to buy his mother the home she always wanted. He has done just that.

“I remember her telling me her dream was to have a big house with a pool, and I Remember in 8th grade telling her I would buy her dream house,” Joseph said in an Instagram post. “Definitely one of the most fulfilling moments in my life. "Sometime she hate the way she raised me but she love what she raised, can't wait to hand her these house keys with nothing to say".

As the 14 overall pick in the 2016 draft, Joseph signed a 4-year, $12 million rookie contract with the Raiders.

"He didn't want to buy himself a car. Didn't want to buy himself a house,” Joseph’s agant Charlie Fields told TMZ Sports. “He wanted to get his mom a house."

"He comes from very humble beginnings. . . Ultimately, his goal was being able to provide for his mom."

The house is in Central Florida where Joseph grew after his family moved from Haiti.