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Happy Tuck Rule game anniversary: Raiders officially file for relocation

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Hey there, Raiders fans! Anyone up for a good punch in the gut? How ‘bout a stab in the back? Well, if so, then today is YOUR day.

It’s January 19. The day the NFL loves to celebrate for the “classic” Tuck Rule game in which the Raiders were jobbed by a call upstairs that overruled a fumble call on the field against the Patriots in the 2001 playoffs. The correct call would have had the Raiders rightfully winning the game and heading to the AFC Championship. Instead the Patriots kept the ball, kicked a field goal, and went on to ‘win’ it. Not only was it not a tuck rule situation, but the tuck rule has since been removed from the rule books. What a memory!

So, naturally, much like cutting off an appendage would take your mind off of a slap to the face, Mark Davis chose this glorious date to officially file for Las Vegas relocation.

Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak announced the filing today.

I suppose for some fans, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some are indifferent about it. For others It may even be a reason to celebrate.

Now we just wait until March 26 to see if the NFL overturns the call.

UPDATE: The NFL has released a statement on the filing: