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Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf makes statement on Raiders official relocation filing

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Today, the Raiders made their relocation filing official with the NFL. It was the expected next step in the process. The next will come on March 26 when the owners vote on whether to approve his bid.

The next important date, however, will be February 15. That’s the deadline for the City of Oakland to put their best foot forward on their plans to try and keep the team from leaving. They will try to convince the NFL and the owners that they have a viable plan or at least the makings of one.

Libby Schaaf made a statement in response to the official filing today; saying they will prove “Oakland is the only home for the Raiders and always will be”, citing the progress made between the city and the investment group headed up by former Raiders Hall of Fame safety Ronnie Lott, site transit access, superior television market (6th vs 42nd), and existing loyal fanbase.

Thus far the framework for the plans put together has not been received well by the NFL. They have less than a month to make the plan into something the league likes better.

Mark Davis told Vegas last year that if the funding is approved, he would stay keep his end of the bargain. The funding was approved and thus far Davis has stayed focused bringing his franchise to town. Which means the only thing that could upend his plans is a league denial. For that, Schaaf and company would have to prove their new plan succeeds where previous plans have not.