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NFL playoffs 2017 schedule: Falcons, Patriots dominate Conference Championships to cruise to Super Bowl LI

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It was apparently too much to hope the Steelers could take out the top seed Patriots and prevent another trip to the Super Bowl. A close game early turned into a blowout with the Patriots leading 33-9 by the end of the third quarter. From there it was a slow march to the inevitable.

In the NFC Championship game, it was the Falcons high-powered offense that ended the Packers’ late winning streak behind Matt Ryan who was on fire, throwing for 392 yards with 5 touchdowns (4 passing, 1 rushing) and Julio Jones’s 9 catches for 180 yards and 2 touchdowns. This one was over early, with the Falcons leading 24-0 at halftime, then cruised to a 44-21 win.

It’s the Falcons’ second ever trip to the Super Bowl and their first since 1998 where they would lose 34-19 to the Denver Broncos.

So, it’s Patriots and Falcons who have set a date in Houston in two weeks for Super Bowl LI.

Here is the updated schedule:

Wild Card Round

GAME 1: Houston Texans 27, Oakland Raiders 14

GAME 2: Seattle Seahawks 26, Detroit Lions 6

GAME 3: Pittsburgh Steelers 30, Miami Dolphins 12

GAME 4: Green Bay Packers 38, New York Giants 13

Divisional Round

GAME 5: Atlanta Falcons 36, Seattle Seahawks 20

GAME 6: New England Patriots 34, Houston Texans 16

GAME 7: Green Bay Packers 34, Dallas Cowboys 31

GAME 8: Pittsburgh Steelers 18, Kansas City Chiefs 16

Conference Championship round

GAME 9: Atlanta Falcons 44, Green Bay Packers 21

GAME 10: New England Patriots 36, Pittsburgh Steelers 17

Super Bowl

Sunday, February 5 -- Houston TX

New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

Time: 3:30pm Pacific (6:30 pm ET)