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Marquette King is bored so that means videos! Trick shots, player interviews, more

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Marquette King Levi Damien

Being a punter is not like most NFL positions. Marquette King is not one to like sitting around the house watching TV or curling up with a good book. As you might expect from the guy who showed up for training camp in a green power ranger mask and does celebratory dances after good punts, he has been trying to keep busy in the offseason as only he can.

That means videos.

First he got away from football, showing off some of his piano skills. And he’s not bad.

Then there was trip to the store. Who knows if he was actually purchasing anything. He doesn’t even have a cart.

Ok, so how ‘bout some actual football related stuff.

He was an alternate for the Pro Bowl, but wasn’t selected. He went anyway and hung out with players this week as they prepare for the game.

First it was a bygones-be-bygones meeting with Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce who made fun of King’s dance after Tyreek Hill return a punt for a touchdown on him.

Then, of course, he had to speak with Hill himself who was voted to the Pro Bowl as a return specialist.

And of course, he had to speak with one of the punters who were playing in the game. In this case, Johnny Hekker.

With the player interviews done, it was time to show off a little bit (more). Starting with this tricky piece of camera work and dunk.

The next video isn’t fake. Even if it may have taken him a few tries to get it right. Still, pretty cool shot.

Somebody likes their job. And I can’t think of a better way to fill in the downtimes than having fun with one’s own craft. Marquette King may get bored a lot, but he certainly can keep himself entertained.