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Winning season hits Raiders fans wallets as 2017 ticket prices raise sharply

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This time last year, we were reporting that for the 11th consecutive season, the Raiders would not be raising ticket prices. A year later, the Raiders are 12-4 and headed for the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. With that, ticket prices will now jump up; quite considerably in some cases.

Many season ticket holders were shocked when they received the email from the team with the increased ticket prices. Here are the ticket prices from 2016:

Compare that to 2017*:

Raiders 2017 ticket prices

As you can see, ticket prices will rise across the board. Here are the direct comparisons:

2016 2017 % increase
Upper reserve - Endzone $225 $330 47%
Upper reserve - Corner $225 $400 78%
Upper reserve - Redzone $225 $470 109%
Upper reserve - Sideline $225 $540 140%
Upper reserve - Midfield $225 $645 187%
Mezzanine reserve - Endzone $450 $750 67%
Lower reserve - Endzone $540 $820 52%
Lower reserve - Corner $675 $855 29%
Lower reserve - Sideline $765 $960 25%
Lower reserve - Midfield $855 $1,065 25%
Club - Corner $1,125 $1,235 10%
Club - Sidelie $1,215 $1,480 22%
Club - Midfield $1,350 $1,725 28%
Average $623 $870 40%

Season ticket prices for both 2016 ad 2017 are based on 9 home games with one home game in Mexico City in each season.

The greatest increase comes in the upper midfield tickets which jump from $225 to $645; an increase of 187%.

In the grand scheme of things, the Raiders ticket prices are not outrageous. Most stadiums in the league are either fairly new or updated. The closest comparison to OACC was Qualcomm in San Diego. Their upper deck 2016 season ticket prices averaged $475. The Raiders new upper deck prices average $538.

The Rams lowest ticket prices in the relic that is LA Memorial Coliseum start at $360 ($10 lower than Raiders new price) and raise sharply from there, averaging $810 for upper deck seats.

A lot of fans were initially very upset with the size of the ticket price jump. While others have the added frustration is that the increase is happening in the midst of the Raiders making plans to leave for Las Vegas.

While others prefer to look at the bright side:

It's worth noting that the OACC opted to raise the Raiders' rent on their new lease from a very friendly $925k per year to a less friendly $3.5 million. Clearly those costs are trickling down to the fans via the raised season ticket prices. That new lease is a one year deal with an option for a second season.

Even with the talk of moving to Las Vegas, Mark Davis has said he would like to play in Oakland for as many as three seasons. If he is approved for relocation -- which will come up for vote at the owners meeting in March -- we'll see if fans continue to buy in with newly raised ticket prices on a team that is on its way out.

*This article and the ticket prices therein have been updated to reflect the latest season ticket prices following the official announcement that the team will play one of their home games in Mexico City this season.