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Matt McGloin will handle Raiders backup QB duties vs Texans

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Throughout the week, Matt McGloin had been limited at practice and Friday was ruled officially questionable for the game. He was knocked out of last week’s game in the first half with a shoulder injury, ushering in Connor Cook for the remainder of the game.

This week, uncertain if McGloin would be able to play, the team named Connor Cook the starter early on in order to maintain consistency throughout the week.

“It’s really an easy option,” Del Rio said of naming Cook the starter. “He played pretty well when he went in and Matt’s hurt. We’re hoping to get Matt healthy enough to be in a backup role. Right now, that remains a question.”

In preparation for the possibility McGloin wouldn’t be able to recover in time, the team brought back Garrett Gilbert, signing him to the practice squad. If McGloin couldn’t go, Gilbert would be activated from the practice squad and be the primary backup.

Gilbert has not been added and McGloin will be the backup, according to ESPN’s Adam Caplan. It’s a role with which McGloin is familiar. He has been the team’s primary backup for the past three seasons prior to getting the start vs Denver with the leg injury to Derek Carr.