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Lions vs. Seahawks Wild Card Playoff Open Thread

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There is still more football to be played.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Raiders' season has come to an end. Actually, it came to an end against the Colts the second that Derek Carr broke his leg, but it's official now. The Raiders can't do anything without their superstar quarterback.

But there are two more superstar quarterbacks playing tonight. The Lions did actually make the playoffs, which is a feat unto itself, and they are led by Matthew Stafford. The Seahawks are led by Super Bowl winning quarterback Russell Wilso, who has run for his life all season behind the worst offensive line money can buy. The Seattle defense has taken a serious hit with the loss of All-World safety Earl Thomas, and they're not playing at a very high level right now. We'll see if Stafford and co. can take advantage of that. Jim Bob Cooter has his work cut out for him, but he's proven to be a very capable offensive coordinator.

This game will be broadcast on NBC at 5:20 Pacific and can be streamed here.