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Giants vs. Packers: Wild Card Playoff Open Thread

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Two of the NFC's oldest teams face off in the oldest stadium.

Green Bay Press Gazette-USA TODAY Sports

There's one more Wild Card game to go, and it's between the New York Football Giants and the Green Bay Packers. The Giants are simultaneously as bad and as good as you think they are, and are the most maddeningly inconsistent team in the league. The only thing they do well is beat the Cowboys.

The Giants are led on offense by two-time Super Bowl Champion Eli Manning and star wideout Odell Beckham Jr. They are led on defense by safety Landon Collins and defensive tackle Damon Harrison. DE Jason Pierre-Paul will miss today's game, as he has a boo-boo.

The Packers are led by A. A. Ron Rodgers and wideout Jordy Nelson. On defense they have the devil's own luck. Their playbook consists of 200 pages with the word "Hope" written on each one in Comic Sans. But since they're playing in Green Bay, they'll probably win. because of course they will.

This game will be on FOX at 1:30 Pacific. Hopefully it will tide you over until next week when the Steelers go to Kansas City and set it on fire.