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Look: Marshawn Lynch wears ‘Everybody vs Trump’ T-shirt to game in Denver

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Marshawn Lynch may not talk much. But he definitely makes a lot of statements. Today he made his opinion known with his garb upon arriving at the stadium. He went Beast Mode on Donald Trump who called NFL players “sons of bitches” and turned the ‘stick to sports’ crowd on their heads by not sticking to reality I mean politics.

Here is the shot of Lynch arriving at the stadium as taken by ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Josina Anderson.

The T-shirt puts the word ‘Everybody’ in white arching across the top with ‘TRUMP’ in melting orange. The T-shirt is made by Oakland based company Dope Era. And something tells me they just got a few more orders.

The T-shirts are $45 each. If you’re interested, you can get one here.

With Trump inserting himself into the debate over whether NFL players should kneel during the National Anthem to protest police brutality and racial profiling, he has turned the NFL against him and some ‘fans’ against the NFL. It ratcheted up the anger on both sides just as he planned. He is playing you. And Beast Mode isn’t having it.