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Watch: Derek Carr breaks out of funk, hits Johnny Holton for 64-yard touchdown, first of his career

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

In Denver the Raiders in the first quarter were looking just like the did in the previous four quarters in Washington. Every part of the offense was floundering.

The team had just 22 yards of offense in the first quarter, didn’t have a single first down, let alone a third down conversion. And the Broncos were up 10-0.

Then midway through the second quarter, they broke out of that funk in a big way.

They got their first first down on their first series on a 13-yard connetion with Jared Cook. Then got another first down on the next play on a 15-yard catch by Seth Roberts.

Their hopes would end, though, without a score. On third and 6 at the Denver 36, they picked up 5 yards. Jack Del Rio opted to go for it on fourth and one and Marshawn Lynch was stuffed for no gain causing a turnover on down.

That drive was a sign things were turning around, though. The next series, the Raiders would get their first third down conversion since week 2. They had gone 0-15 after going 0-11 in Washington and starting this game 0-4. Then Jalen Richard caught a short screen pass and took it for 20 yards.

The next play, Johnny Holton went deep and Carr launched it and it dropped right into his arms for a 64-yard touchdown. Take a look.

It brought the Raiders back to within three, down 10-7. It was also the first touchdown catch of Johnny Holton’s career. That’s a hell of a way to get your first touchdown catch.