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Oakland Raiders week 6 power rankings round-up

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Five weeks into the season and the Raiders have dropped in almost every power ranking as you would expect after a 2-3 start. The Raiders started 2-0 and were a much hyped team but 3 weeks later and that hype has died completely. The Raiders appear to be after 5 weeks a middle of the pack or worse team in most rankings.

Let’s take a look at where everyone has them ranked.

SB Nation: 23

Last Week: 17

ESPN: 15

12.3 percent chance. If the Raiders played in any other division, their outlook might be better than it is in the AFC West. But with Derek Carr injured and with the Chiefs and Broncos a combined 8-1, Oakland's chances have dipped to 12.3 percent after starting the season over 50 percent.

Last Week: 11

Washington Post: 25

The Raiders say they expect QB Derek Carr to return after missing only one game due to a transverse process fracture in his back. That’s good. They certainly need him. Losing at home to a team that was struggling like the Ravens is not what a top contender should be doing. There is plenty of reason to question if the Raiders are as good as was advertised entering the season.

Last Week: 24

Bleacher Report: 19

Last Week: 14

Bleeding Green Nation: 23

The Raiders have now lost three in a row. Derek Carr could be returning this week, so that’s good for them. They should be able to rebound against the Chargers. But Carr’s back injury is still something to monitor ... those things tend to linger.

Last Week: 17

Sun Sentinel: 12

The good news is quarterback Derek Carr could return after missing only one game with a back injury. The bad news is Oakland has lost three straight.

Last Week: 12

Niners Nation: 17

Last Week: 12 17

Uh oh, Raiders. It's one thing to struggle without Derek Carr. It's another to play sloppy defense at home.

Last Week: 10

NY Daily News: 10

It seems like ages ago when Oakland held the coveted top spot in the rankings. Three straight losses and an injury to your starting quarterback will do that to a team. Derek Carr (back) is expected to return against the Chargers this week.

Last Week: 8

Yahoo Sports: 18

In Oakland’s last four games, Marshawn Lynch has 118 yards on 39 carries. That’s just a touch over three yards a carry, over a quarter of a season. The Lynch comeback story was awesome, but it’s also not too surprising that Lynch looks like he doesn’t have much left. Either Lynch has a sudden revival soon, or coach Jack Del Rio is going to have an uncomfortable situation as he figures out how to bench such a popular player.

Last Week: 16

Average Ranking: 17.9

The Raiders have deservedly so dropped in most rankings and at 2-3 are right about where you would expect them in the rankings. Interesting to see some still have the Raiders around the top 10, while others have them in the bottom 10. The Raiders need to get healthy and get back to work and fix the issues that have surfaced after week 2.

Last Week: 16.6