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Raiders cut practice short as Air quality in Oakland deemed ‘Unhealthy’ due to North Bay fires

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Vic Tafur, The Athletic

Some 17 fires across four counties north of Oakland have caused untold devastation to thousands homes. The fires began Sunday afternoon and have continued to spread the past three days.

The plume of smoke and ash has covered the entire Bay Area, forming a greyish brown haze that has literally blocked out the sun.

Initially head coach Jack Del Rio thought the Raiders may be find to practice, saying “We think we’re OK to work today in this. We’re monitoring the different levels of smoke that is here and we’re going to make sure we do the right things with our guys.”

He added that the team had people checking the data to be sure. That data was not positive.

Raiders players and coaches noted the smell of smoke in the air, making for a difficult environment in which to try and practice.

“The air, it smells like someone’s barbequing to be honest,” said Derek Carr. “That’s what I thought. I didn’t know that it would travel like that.”

The Air Quality Index has the air in and around Oakland at the level of ‘Unhealthy’ as Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review Journal tweeted out.

As a result, practice has been shortened.

There are two more days of practice this week, so the air quality will be monitored each day.