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NFL Foundation along with Raiders, Patriots, Cowboys, Steelers to donate combined $250,000 to Mexico City earthquake relief efforts

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Earthquake Strikes Mexico City Photo by Rafael S. Fabres/Getty Images

Last month a major 7.1 earthquake rocked Mexico City, causing significant damage and a death toll that approached 300 casualties. The NFL rushed in to help...inspect the stadium to see if it was safe to play in.

At the time, I called for the NFL and perhaps the Raider and Patriots to step up and contribute to the relief efforts. Well, they have finally done something.

The NFL Foundation along with the Raiders and Patriots — who play in Mexico City this season — teamed up with the Cowboys and Steelers to donate a combined $250,000 to the relief efforts in Mexico City. Though that seems more like the amount EACH team and certainly the NFL Foundation could have easily donated, it’s something.

The Cowboys will donate their $50K to the Salvation Army’s relief efforts in Mexico City while the NFL Foundation, Raiders, Patriots, and Steelers will donate a combined $200K to Banorte’s Fundacion Banorte to rebuild homes affect by the earthquake in and around Mexico City. Fundacion Banorte will match these donations dollar-for-dollar.