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Oakland Raiders week 7 power rankings round-up

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NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders are knee deep in their current 4-game losing streak heading into week 7 of the NFL season. After a red hot 2-0 start the Raiders have fizzled and the result has been a 2-4 record and last place in the AFC West. Not exactly where this team envisioned itself prior to the season, will the addition of Navarro Bowman provide a spark?

SB Nation: 30

Last Week: 23

ESPN: 20

Four straight losses and the Raiders are now at the bottom of the AFC West. They'll try to stop the bleeding against the Chiefs on Thursday night, but quarterback Derek Carr has lost five straight starts to Kansas City. After that, the Raiders tour the East Coast with trips to Buffalo and Miami.

Last Week: 15

Washington Post: 29

Even QB Derek Carr’s quick return from his back injury could not stop the Raiders’ downward spiral. This could get very ugly, very quickly if a lame-duck franchise cannot put a winning team on the field. Thursday night’s game against the Chiefs becomes very important for the Raiders as they try to gather themselves.

Last Week: 25

Bleacher Report: 28

The Raiders are concerning. The offense isn't what it was last year, the line isn't dominating at the line of scrimmage and the defense is still a major concern. The secondary is the team's biggest weakness, but the decline of the offensive line may be more cause for worry.

It doesn't help matters that Amari Cooper has disappeared from the offense. He isn't backing off defenses to help the running game, and he isn't helping the Raiders win shootouts like he did a year ago.

Oakland is now in a tough spot. The team is sitting at 2-4 and staring down a short week and a match-up with the Chiefs. If the Raiders don't figure out how to make some big adjustments fast, they could be looking at a 2-5 record and a lost season. A return to 2016 form, however, would put the Raiders right back in the AFC West race.

Last Week: 21

Bleeding Green Nation: 27

It felt like the Raiders turned a corner last season, but here they are with a 2-4 record. They’re actually last in the AFC West now. Yikes.

Last Week: 23

Niners Nation: 26

Last Week: 17 25

Are the Raiders a bad team? This was supposed to be a Super Bowl contender.

Last Week: 17

NY Daily News: Not Ranked in Top 15

The Raiders, Buccaneers and Jaguars dropped out of the Top 15.

Last Week: 10

Yahoo Sports: 21

NaVorro Bowman isn’t what he was in his prime, but he’s an upgrade over what the Raiders had at inside linebacker. They need help right away because a 2-5 start would be a really big hole to dig out of.

Last Week: 18

Average Ranking: 25.75

The Raiders have been absolutely awful over the last 4 games and there is plenty of blame to go around. However, most of it rightfully hangs on the head of Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing. Ever heard the term “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it?” Well he fixed it and now it doesn’t work, using play action would be a good place start Todd.

Jack Del Rio has Super Bowl caliber talent but his coaching selections are sub-par and it’s showing on the field. His seat has to be getting pretty hot. If it’s not, it should be there is flat out no excuse for how inept this team has looked with this much talent. Coaching is a problem and Jack better figure it out quick.

Last Week: 17.9