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Watch: Cordarrelle Patterson silly one-handed grab sets up Amari Cooper’s second long TD catch of the night

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Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Suddenly the Raiders look like the unstoppable aerial attack they were most of last season. They went to Amari Cooper for a 38-yard touchdown on the opening drive and then went back to him for a 45-yard TD on their second drive.

Along the way, Cordarrelle Patterson made it possible with a ridiculous one-handed grab for a first down on third and four. That one-handed grab first.

With the drive still alive at their own 40-yard-line, the Raiders kept marching. A few plays later, Amari Cooper got wide open against the zone, Carr saw him and put the ball in his hands. Coop turned on the jets, turned the corners and went 45 yards for his second touchdown of the game.

that gave Coop 95 yards on 3 catches. He had just 146 yards over the first six games this season. He is also five yards away from giving the Raiders their first 100-yard performer either on the ground or through the air all season.