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4 Good, 4 Bad from Raiders-Broncos

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Did anything go right in Sunday's game?

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday's game was a tragedy in all respects. Not only did the Raiders lose, again, but they lost on the road to a divisional rival and the star quarterback got hurt. So what went well in this cesspit of agony and what should be tossed back into the water?


  1. EJ Manuel

He was not terrible in this game after being below the Mendoza Line for the bulk of preseason. Maybe more practice time helped, maybe the Broncos playing off coverage and prevent helped. In any case, Manuel looked just fine and even though he lost the game on an interception, at least he went down swinging.

2. Broncos run defense

We can say what we like about Oakland's offensive line and we will do just that, but Denver's rush D is an elite unit. They bottled up Ezekiel Elliott and all our guys too. Can they do that to Kareem Hunt?

3. Khalil Mack

When the Raiders offense sputtered, the defense stepped up. Limiting an opponent to 16 points in their building is a good day and they gave this team every chance to win. Mack in particular was a one man wrecking crew and will need to continue his strong play to keep pace in the division.

4. The Buffalo Bills

It appears New England's two decades in the sun are over, as they suck now and should be 1-3. Buffalo could be the team to pick up that mantle with a stout defense and Tyrod Taylor playing his heart out. We should be happy for a fanbase that has suffered as long as we have.


  1. Derek Carr

I don't want to pile on here given that the man is injured, but he has sucked for two weeks straight. His inaccuracy and inability to extend drives or escape pressure are simply unacceptable from a player of his caliber and status. Hopefully when he comes back he will have his act together.

2. Raiders offensive line

Yet another putrid performance from the league's highest paid unit. They were put over the knee of the opposing defensive line for the second straight week and got no push in the run game and made pathetic pockets for Carr. It doesn't get easier next week against Baltimore.

3. Raider receivers

When I was growing up I watched a lot of games with my dad. When a kicker would miss a field goal he would yell, "You had one job!"

Well, receivers have one job too and that's to catch the damn ball and ours don't seem to be able to do it. Carr hasn't been perfect but to get to an elite level he needs guys with reliable hands and right now he doesn't have them.

4. Death

There's been a lot of dying this week. The Las Vegas shooting was followed by news that Tom Petty had died, and then come back to life and he'll probably die again at some point. Then all our livers died when the Chefs won. This week can go to hell.