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Relive Raiders final game winning drive with Greg Papa

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How the Raiders final game-winning drive Thursday night unfolded as called by Raiders radio man Greg Papa

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Drive details:

  • 1 drive
  • 1 timeout
  • 85 yards
  • 2:25 of game time
  • 20 min of real time
  • 3 game-winning TD’s
  • 2 game-ending incompletions
  • 3 penalties
  • 1 replay overturn
  • 5000 heart attacks

Part 1

1st-and-10 from own 15-yard-line with 2:25 remaining

Derek Carr completes to Amari Cooper for 15 yards

Part 2

Two-minute warning

Johnny Holton called for offensive pass interference up the left sideline

Carr deep up the middle to Cooper for 39 yards

4th and 11 Carr completes to Jared Cook for 13 yards

Part 3

Jared Cook 29-yard TD catch call is overturned

Michael Crabtree 1-yard TD nullified for offensive pass interference

Defensive pass interference brings it back to first and goal at the one

Defensive holding gives Raiders another play with no time left

Cordarrelle Patterson can’t stay inbounds but DPI leads to another play

Derek Carr finds Crabtree at the left pylon to tie it at 30-30

Part 4

Giogio Tavecchio seals win with point after

The Aftermath

Editor’s note: Levi Damien contributed to this piece