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Raiders week 7 snaps counts: Season high offensive snaps, Amari Cooper targeted on nearly a quarter of them. That’s insane

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You think maybe the Raiders were trying to get the ball in Amari Cooper’s hands Thursday night?

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Every week when there have been complaints about the Raiders offense, the coaches have said they had great plays to dial up, but didn’t get the chance. Essentially saying success breeds success. They had plenty of both Thursday, leading to a season high 82 offensive snaps. Their previous season high was 66 in the opener in Tennessee.

Amari Cooper played 95% of the team’s 82 snaps — a total of 78. That percentage is what he has played every game this season, but the 2-time Pro Bowler’s production had fallen off a cliff with just 18 catches for 146 yards. That changed in a major way Thursday night against the Chiefs.

In Coop’s 78 snaps, he was targeted 19 times. That nearly a quarter of his snaps Derek Carr looked his way and 23% of the overall offensive snaps. That’s more targets than the rest of the Raiders wide receivers combined (16).

Coop caught 11 of those 19 targets for a career high 210 yards and 2 touchdowns and one drop. His touchdowns both came in the first quarter from 38 and 45 yards out.