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Even Broncos fans take over Los Angeles, it’s gonna be a black out when Raiders come to town

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It’s rivalry week for the AFC West. The Chiefs were in Oakland and the Chargers are in Denver. I’m sorry, what? The game is in Los Angeles? Oh, so it is.

I just assumed this was at Mile High when I turned on the TV, cuz....

That’s a lotta orange.

Even Rich Gannon noted it.

When the Chargers were still in San Diego, Raiders fans would routinely outnumber Chargers fans. It got even more lopsided when the Raiders began to put a good team on the field.

Gannon may be giving a bit too much credit to ‘the Denver faithful’. This has more to do with the lack of Chargers fans. The team moved to LA, abandoning their fanbase in San Diego in favor of an area where no one really cares about them. You’ll notice a fair amount of empty seats too.

Add to it that they play in a stadium that seats around 25K fans and it’s fairly easy to be taken over by visiting fans. And the intimate stadium makes it pretty obvious. Throw in the traffic cone orange jerseys and WOW.

The Raiders won’t be coming for a visit until the final game of the season. There’s a good chance the Chargers will have been eliminated from the playoffs by then. Whether the Raiders are still in contention or not probably won’t matter. The holdover LA Raiders fans have been waiting a long to time for the Raiders to play in LA again.

That place is going to Blackhole 2.0.