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Amy Trask lauds ‘magnificent’ Oakland Raiders fan support Thursday night despite news team will soon break ground in Las Vegas

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

I wasn’t the only who noticed the same night the Raiders were facing a critical battle with the division rival Chiefs in Oakland, the news dropped that the Raiders would be breaking ground on their new stadium in three weeks on November 13.

The article was published in the Las Vegas Review Journal exactly an hour after kickoff. I noticed it cross my Twitter timeline and shook my head a little bit. Here I am looking out at a sold out stadium of fans going crazy for their Oakland Raiders who had scored touchdowns on their first two possessions, and I’m reading news about the next step in their commitment to leave those fans.

There was no time for myself or any of the Raiders beat writers to even mention the news. There was a game going on. And by the time it was over, no one was talking about a ground breaking in Las Vegas, we were talking about the groundbreaking game we just witnessed on the field in Oakland. One that saved the Raiders’ season.

Leave it to former Raiders CEO Amy Trask to make note of it and applaud the fans in that stadium Thursday night who remained as crazy and devoted as ever through it all.

“I am thrilled for those magnificent, magnificent Raiders fans,” said Trask, noting that she had goosebumps. “They are with their team, they’re in that stadium through thick and thin. And in the face of their team having announced ‘we’re leaving you’, those fans are still there creating what I believe to be the best home field advantage that exists in the NFL...

“In the face of knowing that that team has said ‘we would rather play anywhere — Los Angeles, Las Vegas..— than to stay in Oakland’ That magnificent, magnificent fan base came out and supported that team and created a home field advantage for them and was with that team for every minute of the game. And so to Raider Nation, you deserve that night, enjoy it.”