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Chargers blank Broncos and the AFC West just got really interesting

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NFL: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve just gone final in Los Angeles where the Chargers took down the Broncos 21-0. You guys didn’t think the AFC West was going to be predictable did you?

Two weeks ago the Chiefs were 5-0, the Chargers were winless, the Broncos were 3-1, and the Raiders had lost three in a row. The gap between best and worst was a full five games.

It was an interesting time to ask the question of who was the best team and worst team in the division. And the bubble of delusion was as strong as ever over at SB Nation’s Broncos site. This was their poll results from that site at the time as to who was the best team in the division.

The Broncos haven’t won a game since then.

As of last week, the Raiders losing streak reached 4 games with a 17-16 home loss to the Chargers. It dropped them to dead last in the division which looked like this:

Chiefs 5-1
Broncos 3-2
Chargers 2-4
Raiders 2-4

Now, as of this moment the Chiefs have lost two in a row, the Chargers have won three in a row, the Broncos have lost two in a row — one to the winless Giants — and the Raiders ended their losing streak with a huge win over the division leading Chiefs Thursday night.

Now the division looks like this:

Chiefs 5-2
Broncos 3-3
Chargers 3-4
Raiders 3-4

The order hasn’t changed, but the gap from first to worst is now 2 games, while the difference between second and last is just a half game. Also every team has at least one division win and one division loss.

The AFC West is currently one of three divisions in football in which every team has at least three wins. The others are the AFC East and NFC North.