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Officials made correct non-call on Amari Cooper’s first TD reception for Raiders vs Chiefs

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For struggling teams, the early part of a game can be very important. Do well and stay in the game and confidence rises, but make mistakes and get down by a couple of scores and doubt can creep in.

On Thursday, the Raiders defense held the Chiefs’ offense to 3 points on their opening drive and it was up to the offense to try to match that. Derek Carr and Amari Cooper did much more than that by pulling out a flea-flicker and striking downfield for a 38 yard TD where Amari Cooper was left open when the CB #39 Terrance Mitchell fell down.

Immediately, howls of ‘Offensive Pass Interference’ rose up from the Kingdom of Red, but the officials discussed it and picked up the flag. In retrospect, it appears to be actually a good call since Mitchell fell as a result of inadvertently tangling the legs.

I hate to say it, but good job, refs.