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Marshawn Lynch makes his case to overturn suspension, Del Rio hoping it’s resolved by Tuesday

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Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Today was the day Marshawn Lynch made his case to the NFL in his appeal of the 1-game suspension he received for making contact with an official in last Thursday’s game against the Chiefs.

The foul occurred midway through the second quarter and it got him ejected. Offering his assistance in the appeal hearing is Chiefs corner Marcus Peters who is a close friend of Marshawn’s and who was involved in the scuffle that caused Marshawn to run off the sideline to intervene.

Part of the argument Lynch is using is precedence. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter Lynch pointed out to the league that 9 players last season made contact with an official and were not suspended.

Not helping Lynch’s case is the fact that he left the bench to get into the scuffle; something that was noted specifically in the official statement from the NFL upon his suspension. Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio knows this is an important factor.

“I said the other night I was disappointed we had a player leave the bench,” Del Rio said Monday. “Something we talk about, you know, don’t leave the bench area.”

Whether Marshawn’s argument will resonate with the league remains to be seen. Either way, for the Raiders’ sake, they would like to know one way or the other by Tuesday.

“We expect to hear something early in the week,” said Del Rio. “hopefully by tomorrow would be the fairest thing so the team can prepare.”

Raiders practices begin on Wednesday in preparation for the Bills next Sunday.