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Jack Del Rio commends Broncos Derek Wolfe on ‘well-done’ hold on Marshall Newhouse that got Von Miller his only sack vs Raiders

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Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Jack Del Rio played in the league for eleven years. He knows the tricks defenders can play to make a play without being flagged for it. Derek Wolfe perfectly executed one against the Raiders on Sunday which earned Von Miller a free rush at EJ Manuel.

“Yeah, Derek [Wolfe] did a nice job,” said Del Rio.

What the Broncos did, was they sent Wolfe and Miller at Raiders right tackle Marshall Newhouse who blocked him. Newhouse attempted to switch off to block Miller on the outside, but Wolfe grabbed Newhouse by the collar and held him long enough for Miller to run by him and sack Manuel.

Tony Romo — who is a fantastic broadcaster as it turns out -- saw it right away.

Newhouse complained to the official, but it was to no avail. They missed the hold and the Broncos got away with it.

“It’s something they’re trying to clean up,” Del Rio said of the no-call. “It’s hard to catch all of them. They did a nice job executing a trick of the trade. You’re not supposed to be able to get that done, but it’s hard to see every time that it’s done. He reached out and grabbed him. So, it was well-done on their part.”

Yes, well done. With all the talk of the league’s two elite pass rushers on the field together Sunday, it was Khalil Mack who got his 2.0 sacks, 7 pressures, and 4 QB hits by sheer power and talent while Von Miller got just the one unblocked sack courtesy of the uncalled hold.