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Oakland Tech High School could be in hot water for letting Raiders Marshawn Lynch practice with football team

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Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The same day last week that Marshawn Lynch’s suspension was upheld by the NFL, Marshawn took his talents to his old high school in Oakland. He posted video of his practice with the high school players and most saw it thinking it was a lot of fun. Just Marshawn being Marshawn.

Well, the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), which oversees high school football didn’t think it was all fun and games and they’re investigating the school and its football coach for a violation of state rules governing high school sports. This according to a report by TMZ Sports.

"Only 9th through 12th grade students may practice with or compete on a high school team."

The Oakland Unified School District issued a statement saying, "[Marshawn's] participation in the practice did not comply with Oakland Athletic League’s rules and regulations. Site administration did not receive prior notice that Lynch would be attending an after school practice."

"Once they found out, they and the League Commissioner promptly reminded all OUSD coaches of the bylaws and took appropriate measures."

Commissioner Alphonso Powell adds, "We take these rules very seriously as the safety and wellbeing of our student athletes is our foremost concern."

The report went on to note that the school could be punished for the violation, perhaps even resulting suspensions handed down.

Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio has avoided discussing the matter at length, though he’s appeared at least somewhat displeased by Marshawn’s actions. He had a bit more to say today in light of the investigation.

“No, there’s nothing to really talk about,” said Del Rio. “I think the people at the school district have more of a problem with it. For me, I’d prefer our guys to concentrate on doing the right thing for the football team.”

One could infer by Del Rio’s words that he doesn’t really think Marshawn practicing with teenagers at a high school is ‘doing the right thing’ for the Raiders. Perhaps because of potential injury risks or what have you.

Well, you know what, Marshawn didn’t get hurt, none of the high schoolers got hurt, everyone had a great time, especially the kids on that team who got to play football with a local hero. So, hopefully everyone lightens up a bit and moves on without any major repercussions.