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Poll results: Raider Nation wants Colin Kaepernick, but Raiders reportedly have no current plans to add him

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San Francisco 49ers v Oakland Raiders

The votes are in and the majority of fans appear to be in favor of the Raiders adding Colin Kaepernick. The question is how likely the Raiders would be to make the move.

After 36 hours, and close to 4300 votes in our poll 59% of fans say the Raiders should sign Kaepernick.

The discussion comes in light of the team losing Derek Carr being lost to a fracture in his back that is expected to have him out 2-6 weeks.

Carr is currently being replaced by former Buffalo Bills QB EJ Manuel who was signed this offseason to ta one-year contract. Manuel is backed up by second year 4th round pick Connor Cook.

According to multiple reports, the Raiders are said to be sticking with Manuel and Cook for the time being.

Meanwhile, the stance against adding Kaepernick, even for teams who may be more needy than the Raiders, continues.

The Titans, who lost Marcus Mariota this week (what’s with he and Carr both being lost to injury at the same time?), didn’t even consider Kaepernick despite the obvious similarities he has with Mariota, making him a seemingly ideal fit for the Titans.

Instead the Titans worked out former Raiders QB Matt McGloin along with Matt Barkley, TJ Yates, and Brandon Weeden, settling on Weeden.

One would assume the Raiders’ situation and their interest in bringing in Kaepernick or any other QB will be dependent partially on Carr’s recovery and partially on the performance and health of Manuel as the starter while Carr is out.