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Watch: Donald Penn gets out of his car, confronts heckling fans after Raiders loss

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody in Raider Nation is happy right now. Nobody on the Raiders team is happy right now. Judging by some of the reactions on twitter throughout the game to a couple of the sacks given up by the Raiders, a lot of outrage is being directed at Donald Penn.

Both sacks that came from Penn’s side of the field were on blitzes. At least part of the blame for that falls on quarterback EJ Manuel for not adjusting protections. But the fans don’t see that. They only see Penn letting a man go by him unblocked.

The outrage wasn’t limited to social media. A few fans waited outside the player parking and heckled Penn as he came out to his car after the game, yelling profanities which included misplaced aggression over the 2-year, $21 million extension he signed early this season.

The always emotional Penn, wasn’t having it. He rolled down his window to hear what the fans were saying, with one real tough guy attempting to challenge Penn’s manhood. Penn bit, getting out of his car and approaching the fan, who hilariously took off his hat, preparing to fight the 6-5, 305-pound lineman.

Penn took to twitter shortly after to explain what happened, saying the fan threw a bottle at his car.

The Pro Bowl left tackle held out of training camp for a new contract. He returned to the team without getting that deal with the assurance he would eventually receiver the contract he was after.

I’m sure once cooler heads prevail, Penn will express regret. Because he’s the bigger man. Both literally and figuratively to the clowns who were attempting to get some free lawsuit money from him.