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Donald Penn warns of extortion from Raiders fan heckler who said he was ‘dreaming of him punching me’

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Following the Raiders loss to the Ravens Sunday, a video came out that showed a fan heckling tackle Donald Penn in the parking lot, ultimately leading to Penn exiting his car and approaching the fan.

As soon as Penn got out of his car, the fan removed his hat as if he was getting ready to fight. Or at least getting ready to take a punch. Based on the screen shot Donald Penn sent out in a tweet, it would appear the fan — one Salvador Chavarria — was looking to get punched so he could cash in.

In the conversation Chavarria was having with a friend, he says, among other things, that he was going to be “on national TV like that dude that got punched by Draymond Green” as well as saying plainly “I keep dreaming of [Penn] punching me if he sees me after the game.”

The whole thing about “cyber bullying” — to which Chavarria follows up with emojis including a bag of money -- stems from him trolling Penn on Instagram and Penn eventually challenging Chavarria by saying “Next time you at the game, say it to my face.” Chavarria, a season ticket holder, had the attention of a Pro Bowl NFL player and he wasn’t going to waste it.

For Penn’s part, he claims in addition to the fan’s heckling after the game, Chavarria (or someone else perhaps) threw a bottle at his car.

Chavarria responded to Penn’s claims by posting a video on his Instagram account featuring a couple minutes more of his fleeting 15 minutes of fame swearing he didn’t throw anything at Penn’s car. Chavarria has since made his Instagram account private. Seems odd he suddenly wants to lie low just hours after making a spectacle of himself. I wonder why?