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Monday Night Football open thread: Bears vs. Vikings

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NFL: Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Could we be witness to the birth of the newest NFL Superstar tonight? The Bears, having grown weary with Mike Glennon’s aggressive mediocrity, will start second overall pick Mitch Trubisky at quarterback tonight against the Minnesota Vikings. Trubisky looked incredible in the preseason, but this is Week 5 against a pretty good defense.

The Vikings were dealt a tough blow with RB Dalvin Cook hurting his ACL. The Vikings signed RB Stevan Ridley, but cut him to make room for WR Michael Floyd. Will Latavius Murray see the lion’s share of time in the Minnesota backfield? Could Teddy Bridgewater begin practicing soon after doctors sewed his leg back on? Will Sam Bradford remain as accurate as Poor Richard’s Almanac?

Watch tonight on ESPN, or stream live on WatchESPN.