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Raiders week 8 Ballers & Busters vs Bills

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

I hope everyone had a good Halloween. Because today we recount some of the terrifying details of the massacre the Raiders suffered in Buffalo last Sunday.

What started out well went off the rails just before half time and never got back on. Three turnovers on two fumbles and an interception turned a close game into a blowout. And for a Raiders team that has not shown the same comeback abilities they did last season, that meant trouble.


Khalil Mack

In a game short of great performances, even an average day by Mack he is among the best players on the field. With the score tied 7-7 in the second quarter, Mack got pressure on Tyrod Taylor, hitting him just after he released the ball to force an incompletion on third and 8. It gave the Raiders a chance to take back the lead heading into the half, but unfortunately DeAndre Washington fumbled it and it was the Bills who would add a touchdown instead.

Another fumble, this time by Jalen Richard on a punt return, gave the Bills the ball in scoring position early in the third quarter. Mack got pressure again, forcing Richie Incognito to hold him. The Bills couldn’t recover the lost yards and settled for a field goal.

Yet another turnover, this time on a Derek Carr interception once again gave the Bills the ball in scoring range. And once again, Mack stopped the threat by getting pressure to force an incompletion. The Bills added another field goal to go up 20-7 with 13 of their points coming off turnovers.

Michael Crabtree

The only scoring drive the Raiders had while the game was still in reach was their opening drive. Crabtree caught an 11-yard pass on 3rd and 12 to set up a successful conversion on 4th and one. The next play, he caught a 21-yard pass that put the Raiders in scoring range. Three plays later, they scored the touchdown.

The following series, he got things started with a 40-yard catch up the left sideline in which he put a savvy little shove on Shareece Wright to come back for the ball. It was not enough of a shove to be flagged for offensive pass interference and just enough to keep Wright from making a play on the ball.

It may have been too little, too late, but Crabtree had two more catches for 11 yards on the Raiders’ other scoring drive. He finished with 83 yards on 5 catches to lead all receivers.

Cory James

Finished 2nd on the team with 8 combined tackles along with three tackles for loss. His second tackle for loss was on first and goal from the 3-yard-line. After the Richard fumble early in the third, James stopped a catch for one yard to force the Bills to settle for a field goal. His final tackle for loss came on third and four in the fourth quarter to give the Raiders the ball back down 27-14 with 4:54 remaining.

Honorable Mention

Justin Ellis - He finished fourth on the team with 6 combined tackles (5 solo) including several run stuffs for less than two yards. He also filled his gap to force a tackle for loss on the Bills’ 2nd and goal play from the 1-yard-line to set up third and goal from the 2-yard-line. Unfortunately three of his run stuffs came after the game was a lost cause and the Bills were just running clock.

Jamize Olawale – On the third play of the game, he made a nice blitz pickup on third and 6 to allow Carr time to complete a 13-yard pass to Cooper. He later picked up the first down on 4th and one, fumbling the ball along the way and recovering it. The Raiders drove to the one-yard-line and Olawale finished it off with a one-yard touchdown run. A 65-yard kick return in the second quarter was called back due to a block in the back and Olawale would leave the game with a hamstring injury.

Amari Cooper – Had a 13-yard catch on third and 6 on the opening scoring drive and a 9-yard catch on third 7 on the other scoring drive. He finished with five catches for 48 yards.

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