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2017 NFL Week 10 early games open thread

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Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Greetings, Raider fans! Even though our beloved Raiders are taking a break this week, there’s plenty of other games to see wherein we can watch other teams beat the snot out of one another for our amusement and edification.

This morning’s games are highlighted by Packers vs. Bears, and will be the first time in many moons that the Packers will start a quarterback against Chicago not named Rodgers or Favre.

The best matchup of the day might be the Bills against the Saints in a battle of two surprise contenders. The Saints are gunning for a first-round bye in the NFC, as the three other teams in their division have fallen off the face of the Earth. The Bills are, as we saw a few weeks ago, really good and are seeking to knock the Patriots off their perch in the AFC East.

Here are all the games this morning and the network they are on:

Steelers vs. Colts (CBS)

Chargers vs. Jaguars (CBS)

Jets vs. Buccaneers (CBS)

Browns vs. Lions (CBS)

Vikings vs. Indigenous Persons (FOX)

Packers vs. Bears (FOX)

Saints vs. Bills (FOX)

Bengals vs. Titans (FOX)

Enjoy the games!