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Raiders to hold Las Vegas stadium groundbreaking ceremony today though several hurdles still to clear

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NFL: Las Vegas Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Time to get out the shiny shovels and hardhats — it’s Raiders Las Vegas stadium groundbreaking day. The event will take place at 5pm Monday and will be streamed on the team’s official site.

The ceremony will take place the Russell Road site, on the west side of I-15, across from the Vegas Strip, where the team’s 65,000-seat, $1.9 billion stadium is set for construction. With the team on its bye week, it’s a good time to do it.

With a tight construction schedule ahead for the team’s hopes of being ready for the 2020 season in Las Vegas, things must continue to move along smoothly.

The ceremony doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all free and clear. There are several hurdles and potential road blocks that must be handled between now and then. The Las Vegas Review Journal laid out those.

—  A final development agreement with a guaranteed maximum price has to be signed and is now on target for February.

—  A joint-use agreement between the Raiders and UNLV must be approved.

—  The long-awaited community benefits plan assuring that 15 percent of labor contracts and supplies go to small businesses got bogged down in details on minority hiring when it was discussed Thursday.

—  Infrastructure on roads and highways leading to the stadium need to be improved.

—  The Raiders still don’t have a plan for where people attending games will park and tailgate.

—  Last week, a new challenge emerged — federal tax-reform legislation that would prevent the use of tax-exempt bonds for construction on stadiums used by professional sports teams.

The parking situation has been interesting for a while. The stadium site is small, with barely enough parking available for team staff and luxury box holders. There have been ideas thrown around, but no good solution as yet.

If that federal-tax reform bill goes through it could cost around $3 million per year in revenue.

There figure to be four more meetings with the Las Vegas Stadium Authority before February when they hope to have a development agreement in place. The next is December 14, then January 11, 25, and February 8.

All that is for late. Right now, it’s silver shovels, smiles, and flashbulb time!