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Raiders set up ‘Live Stadium Cam’ to observe Las Vegas stadium construction

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You’ve heard of watching grass grow? Well, the Raiders are now letting you watch dirt move (or not move, depending). The team has set up a ‘Live Stadium Cam’ on top of the Mandalay Bay Hotel which allows you to look in on how things are going with the stadium construction anytime.

Currently the site is prepped for the groundbreaking ceremony this evening, so there is a temporary turf laid out, presumably in the spot where it will be once the 65,000-seat stadium is constructed.

The live camera moves in a clockwise motion across the site from South to North. Then spins back around and does it again.

There are also a couple of still shot views. One is a panoramic.

The other is a shot from the South end of the lot, viewing the site to the North.

Note that the North view shot is not a live cam. The still image updates periodically. You may zoom in on the shot and scroll around on the image.