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Not buying New England Patriots being real home team against Oakland Raiders in Mexico City

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A recent study suggest Patriots fans could outnumber Raiders fans in Mexico City.

NFL: International Series-Fan Fest Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Does Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio, believe his Raiders really have a competitive disadvantage against the New England Patriots in Mexico?

He was smiling when he said, “Obviously, we get a chance to get a little break and then we’ve got a big, tough assignment on the road, I mean, at home, down in Mexico.”

Or is that just the Hayward native in him wanting Oakland to have all the Raiders’ home games?

Some believe the Patriots staying in Denver after playing there last week gives them a physical advantage in Mexico City. The altitude in Mexico City is 7,382 feet up while Denver is 5,280 feet up. But it takes three to six weeks for the human body to acclimate to altitude so it may not benefit the Patriots. Del Rio waiting until Saturday to go down there could actually be the better plan.

Could it be a home game by way of the popularity the Patriots have in Mexico?

The Boston Herald cited a study done by Primero y Diez, a website in Mexico that covers the NFL, that the Patriots are the third most popular team in Mexico behind the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys. Everyone loves a winner and all three of those teams have had somewhat recent dynasties. But there is reason to question the study as they are only asking a certain cross section of people.

Many forget about how much Mexican heritage history the Raiders have.

Tom Flores, a Mexican American, became the first minority head coach of the modern era of the NFL with the Raiders in 1979 after playing quarterback for the team in the ‘60s. He and quarterback Jim Plunkett — also a Mexican American — spent 8 season together with the Raiders, winning Super Bowls after the 1980 and 1983 seasons.And Raiders have always had a ton of support from the Mexicans for that reason.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is known in Mexico as he is the greatest fighter of his generation. But the Mexicans didn’t root for Mayweather to beat Canelo Alvarez.

In my opinion, the Mexicans have too much history and heritage with the Raiders. Put that together with how Raiders fans travel and I don’t see Pro Patriots crowd at this game. And as previously stated, it takes three to six weeks to acclimate to altitude. So excuse me it I don’t buy that the Patriots have the real home field advantage Sunday.