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Donald Trump goes after Marshawn Lynch, Snoop Dogg fires back and this is real life

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Talk about a headline I could never have predicted I would write.

NFL: New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re waking up from a blissful coma, welcome to 2017 America. Where the man holding the office of the president uses his twitter account to call for the punishment of NFL players and private citizens, raising racial tensions and anger.

Oh, and that president is former reality TV star and real estate mogul caricature Donald Trump. So, yeah, pretty much par for the course — where he spends most every weekend.

Trump has been angry at the NFL for years. First because his failed USFL venture, and then for his failed attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills. But these days it’s mostly because the NFL players who kneel and/or sit for the National Anthem are doing it to protest racial inequality, and he knows attacking them plays REALLY well with his base.

This Sunday, Marshawn Lynch sat for the National Anthem, as he has done for every game this season, but it was reported that he then stood for the Mexican anthem.

A couple things about this: First of all, as you can see, Marshawn is standing as an equipment manager appears to be working on him. Second, had Marshawn sat for both anthems, he would be attacked for that as well. He has his reasons for sitting for the US National Anthem, just as the rest of the NFL does for kneeling — which many players continue to do each week. He has no reason to sit for the Mexican anthem.

As you might expect, fresh off his morning dose of Fox & Friends -- which, as you might expect, took shots at Lynch for sitting/standing in Mexico City — Trump had something to say about it. It was his usual way-out-of-line calls to punish a private citizen for a his silent protest and to take a shot at the NFL’s ratings. And, of course, there was a lie in there too.

Those in attendance at the game refute Trump’s claim that there were boos before, during, or after the National Anthem. And the NFL ratings have been proven to be in line with TV ratings across the board as people increasingly unplug from TV in favor of streaming options. Trump is either ignoring those causes or knows about them and is being intentionally misleading.

This tweet comes on the heels of Trump saying that the UCLA basketball players should have been left in jail for not thanking him for getting them released. This included the equally attention hungry LaVar Ball, whose son Li’Angelo was among the players whose theft had them arrested and facing 5 years in Chinese prison, not even acknowledging Trump’s existence.

Chiming in was Snoop Dogg, who had a few choice words for Trump in response to his twitter attack on Marshawn.

So, Trump’s base is angry at all the ‘ungrateful’ black men and everyone else is angry at Trump for stoking the flames of racial tension and once again behaving in a way that is beneath the dignity of the office of the presidency.

In other words, all conditions new normal.