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NFL Draft order 2018: Raiders now in line for top ten pick

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If the season ended today, this is where the Raiders would pick.

New England Patriots v Oakland Raiders Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

With six games remaining in the season, the Raiders are in an interesting position. At 4-6 they are still considered ‘in the hunt’ for a playoff spot, while also sitting inside the top ten draft positions.

Here is what the top ten currently looks like:

1. Browns 0-10

2. 49ers 1-9

3. Giants 2-8

4. Broncos 3-7

5. Colts 3-7

6. Bears 3-7

7. Chargers 4-6

8. Bengals 4-6

t-9. Raiders 4-6

t-9. Cardinals 4-6

At this point the range of where the Raiders could draft is wide open, anywhere from 1-32 is a possibility mathematically speaking, though probably not realistically speaking. Especially not with how they looked Sunday against the Patriots. They aren’t the Browns, but that definitely did not look like a playoff team.

But if the season were to end today, this is where they would select. The last time they drafted this high was 2015 when they selected Amari Cooper at 4th overall.

You can see the full current first round draft order here.