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Raiders week 12 power rankings round-up: Dropping fast

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NFL: New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders
Marshawn Lynch and the O-Line showed up, the rest of the team got left in the locker room
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off a bye the Raiders came out and embarrassed themselves again losing to the New England Patriots 33-8. Thanks to some pity by the football Gods they are still in the race for the playoffs and the AFC West. However, that hope is dwindling fast as the coaches don’t seem to have answers for their issues.

They are still 2 games back at 4-6 in the West and only 1 12 games back of the wildcard spot in the AFC. Let’s take a look at how their latest outing impacted their rankings. 21

Where oh where did the Raiders' offense go? Last year in Mexico City, Oakland running backs alone accounted for about 200 hundred receiving yards. Derek Carr tossed three touchdown passes and posted a 117 passer rating against a Texans defense that would finish first in the league. On Sunday in the same locale, Carr threw for a pedestrian 237 yards and a touchdown in 50 dropbacks. That's not even 5 yards per throw. In contrast, Tom Brady averaged over 9 yards every time he cocked his arm. Mind boggling. The struggles of the Raiders' defense? Yeah, not as surprising.

Last Week: 18

ESPN: 20

Train wreck: The Raiders were considered a contender at the start of the season. And after a 2-0 start, that expectation seemed legit. Since then, the Raiders have been held to fewer than 20 points in six games (all losses) and have seen their playoff chances dip to 4.8 percent, according to FPI. Unless they can string together some wins, this season is off the rails.

Last Week: 15

Washington Post: 20

Their performance against the Patriots on Sunday in Mexico City was dreadful. It’s clear that the talk about the Raiders being a championship contender during what’s left of their time in Oakland was nothing more than that.

Last Week: 14

Bleacher Report: 20

The Oakland Raiders got themselves a butt-whupping from the New England Patriots. That's what I expected, though, because the Patriots are chewing up teams like a buzzsaw right now.

The Raiders defense isn't good, but it hasn't been good the last couple of years. That's not a surprise. The disappointment with this team comes on offense. That's where the money is being spent, and that's where the letdowns have occurred.

Oakland is underperforming at the receiver position, along the offensive line, in the run game and at quarterback. Derek Carr isn't making the kind of game-saving plays we saw a year ago—let's not forget how often he delivered last-minute wins in 2016.

It's hard to believe the Raiders can stay in this, even though they're still only a game out of the playoff picture. There is nothing elite about this team, and I've seen nothing to make me think Oakland can turn it around.

Last Week: 18

Niners Nation: 24

Last Week: 17 20

The Raiders come up small every time there’s a chance to turn this season around.

Last Week: 17

Yahoo: 19

You have to wonder if coach Jack Del Rio is totally safe. This has been a rather shocking step back. And even though the rest of the AFC wild-card candidates are flailing around too, the Raiders’ defense is so bad it’s hard to see them rallying down the stretch. At very least, you have to assume Del Rio will be told this offseason his entire defensive staff needs to go.

Last Week: 17

Average Ranking: 20.57

Jack Del Rio still has this team looking lost and uninspired despite a wealth of talent. The off-season should bring in a complete coaching overhaul on the defensive side of the ball along with OC Todd Downing departing. It’s clear Downing has not been an upgrade or even an equal to Bill Musgrave at this point.

Seth Roberts single handed tanked the Raiders in Mexico with a dazzling mixture of drops and a fumble, but why is he still seeing so much playing time when he has been awful all year? Reggie Nelson continues to be late coming over on any deep ball where he is the help over top, yet still gets every snap on defense. That’s coaching folks, the players aren’t performing but they also are not being held accountable for it either.

The Raiders solution to the problems at CB rather than bringing in a veteran or anyone really that actually plays corner, Obi Melifonwu. That’s right the Raiders 2nd round Safety started at corner against Future Hall of Fame QB Tom Brady in only his 2nd game coming off IR. The results were not a complete disaster as he only gave up 2 catches but one of them was a 64 yard TD to start the 3rd quarter, guess who was late coming over?

Next up the 3-7 Denver Broncos and their newly hired OC Bill Musgrave...

Last Week: 16.29