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Raiders week 11 Ballers & Busters vs Patriots

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Singular & Plural

NFL: New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This one was over before the end of the third quarter. Up 30-0 already, anything that happened over the final 15 minutes was inconsequential.

Not that final stats are always telling anyway, but for this week’s B&B, we’re focusing on what transpired over the first three quarters and largely ignoring what happened after that. Many of you probably didn’t even watch that final quarter. Or, if you were smart you didn’t. I believe CBS even switched coverage to the Broncos-Bengals game. At least then Raiders fans could feel a slight good feeling watching the Broncos suffer their 6th straight loss.

There sure wasn’t much to feel good about in this one. The closest they ever came in the game to making it interesting was when they were down 14-0 and lined up at the New England 15-yard-line. Then they fell into the sunken place and spent the rest of the game watching helplessly wide-eyed as the Patriots took their soul.


Marshawn Lynch

The only thing that worked at really any point in this game when it still mattered was Marshawn Lynch. They gave him the ball on four of the first five plays and he picked up 17 yards and a third down conversion. The other two plays they went to the air, resulting in a 1-yard completion and a drop.

Late in the second quarter, the Raiders started to move the ball. It started with another dropped pass, but on second down, they gave it to Marshawn again and he broke off a season best 26-yard run to put the Raiders at midfield. It was the first time the Raiders entered Patriots’ territory in the game.

Later in the drive, Marshawn picked up 9 yards on a run, dragging defenders the last few yards. Then he broke through to pick up the first down on 3rd and one to put the Raiders in first down at the 15-yard-line. At this point, Marshawn had 61 yards on 9 carries (6.8 yards per carry). The Raiders failed to score on that drive (more on that later) and by the time he got the ball again, the Raiders were down 24-0.

Two more drives yielded two field goals and down 30-0, Marshawn’s day was done after 11 carries for 67 yards (6.1 ypc).

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