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Thanksgiving Day games brought some good news and bad news for Raiders

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Half the teams that played on Thanksgiving are upcoming Raiders opponents.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There wasn’t a lot of great football played on Thanksgiving. But there was some good news for the Raiders as well a bit of bad news. We’ll start with the...

Good news

Two of the games had upcoming Raiders opponents in them. And both losing teams are on the Raiders schedule over the final six games.

First up was the Cowboys who have looked downright pathetic in the two games they have played with Ezekiel Elliott. The star running back began his six-game suspension prior two weeks ago and since then the Cowboys have lost three-straight and have been outscored 92-22.

And the final game Elliott will miss for the Cowboys is their week 15 game against the Raiders.

The other loser was the Giants who the Raiders face in two weeks. The Giants mustered up just 10 points with Eli Manning completing just 13 passes for 113 yards and an interception. The final chance the Giants had was last when Manning was sacked and fumbled it away, allowing Washington to put the game away on a field goal. The Giants one touchdown came off an interception return.

This is the same Giants team who just last Sunday held the Chiefs to 9 points. The Raiders will face those Chiefs for the second time the week after they face the Giants.

Bad news

The Chargers won. First and foremost, that means for the time being, they jump into sole possession of second in the AFC West. In do doing they had their second wide margin victory in a row, thanks to taking the ball away. They have forced 8 turnovers the past two games. All while not turning the ball over themselves. That jumped them to fifth in the league with a +7 turnover differential.

The standings in the division aside, the Raiders still have to face them again as well. They will face each other in the season finale. A lot can happen between now and then though, so we’ll see.