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Michael Crabtree, Aqib Talib, Gabe Jackson all ejected after huge brawl in Oakland between Raiders, Broncos

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NFL: New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It didn’t take long for Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib to get into it in their first rematch since Talib yanked Crabtree’s chain off to end last season. Crabtree was out injured when they faced each other in Denver in week four.

On the Raiders’ second series of the game, Crabtree was tasked with blocking Talib on a run. The classless POS Talib ripped Crabtree’s chain off on the play and Crabtree went off.

Crabtree drove Talib back and onto the sideline and onto the ground. Talib retaliated by ripping Crabtree’s helmet off and the two teams had a huge brawl on the sideline.

Crabtree and Talib came back out onto the field, Crabtree without his helmet. Both players took swings at each other. Meanwhile on the sideline, there was pushing and shoving going on between each team defending their player.

In the scuffle, Gabe Jackson pushed an official and once the dust had settled Crabtree, Talib, and Jackson were ejected.

The route to the locker room goes through the Raiders’ sideline. Talib jogged that way, and Marshawn caught up to him to escort him through to ensure there wasn’t any incidents on his way through.

That’s certainly one way to start this game between these two bitter rivals.