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Geno Smith to start for Giants vs Raiders

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Despite what Raider Nation might think, luck has been on the Raiders’ side recently. Last Sunday, Oakland got to face the absolutely horrible Paxton Lynch for three quarters instead of Trevor Siemian who looked very effective in his limited time.

Today New York Giants announced they will bench Eli Manning in favor of Geno Smith next Sunday against the Raiders.

The quarterback switch might be more monumental than you think as Manning’s two wins this season have come against the AFC West (Denver and Kansas City). With Oakland’s pass defense, there is no such thing as a safe-bet against any quarterback, especially one with the skill set of Manning.

Despite it being 24 hours after Michael Crabtree got hit with a brutal two-game suspension, the Raider faithful should be celebrating because of this quarterback change as every game is a must-win from here on out.

In regards to Smith, there should be plenty more opportunities for Oakland to improve upon their interception total of one this season considering Smith has thrown 36 career interceptions to just 28 touchdowns. On top of that, he has fumbled the football 17 times, via Pro Football Reference.

The former second round pick does have a strong arm and flashes potential. However, the Giants are without their top receivers, provide no help in the running game and are in full tank mode. So there doesn’t seem to be any realistic hope for New York to have any sort of success on offense.

All in all, Oakland has caught a major break, especially with Crabtree and Amari Cooper probably out, to force a major showdown in Kansas City next Sunday with AFC West title hopes on the line.

Geno Smith has faced the Raiders three times in his career, all while with the Jets. He is 2-1 in those starts, losing his last meeting back in 2015.