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Suspensions for Raiders WR Michael Crabtree, Broncos CB Aqib Talib both reduced to one game upon appeal

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Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

As hoped, the suspension for Michael Crabtree has been reduced from two games to one. And as expected, it wasn’t going to be an either/or situation. Both he and Talib had their suspensions reduced.

The two players were involved in an altercation in Sunday’s game in which Talib ripped off Crabtree’s gold necklace just as he had last time they faced each other to end last season. Crabtree retaliated by driving Talib off the field of play which started an all out brawl involving both teams.

It happened on the second series of the game and both players were ejected. The ejection plus suspension amounts to nearly two games as it is, minus, of course, the game checks they will both now receive.

Crabtree will miss this week’s game against the Giants but return to face the rival Chiefs in week 14. Obviously making this a major development.