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Broncos BROCKED in Philly to form 3-way tie in AFC West

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Yes, yes, I know ‘tie breakers’. Let’s worry about those once these teams all play each other twice.

Denver Broncos v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

There’s only one way to describe what happened to the Broncos in Philadelphia today: BROCKED! Making his first start since returning to the Broncos as a free agent, Brock Osweiler was as horrid as we have come to know him over the past couple seasons. And the Broncos were laughed out of Philly 51-23 in a game that wasn’t even THAT close.

Osweiler went 19 for 38 (50%) for for 208 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions. He was also sacked three times, fumbling once. Honestly, there were at least three other passes he threw that should have been intercepted.

Once thought to be a potential franchise quarterback after five starts in Denver in 2015, Osweiler turned down the Broncos’ offer and signed a big time deal with the Texans. He spent one season in Houston in which he threw more interceptions (16) than he did touchdowns (15), but still managed to finish with an 8-6 record thanks to a tough Texans defense. He even won a playoff game over the Raiders due to the Raiders’ collapsing without Derek Carr.

But come the offseason, the Texans were ready to move on, so they unloaded Osweiler and his big contract plus a second round pick to the Browns, who had no intention of keeping Osweiler. They cut him, basically buying that second round pick from the Texans, and Osweiler re-signed with the Broncos.

Now halfway through the 2017 season, to no one’s surprise, Trevor Siemian isn’t working out, and former Broncos top pick Paxton Lynch isn’t healthy (and isn’t good either), so re-enter the Brockstar.

His first interception of the game came at the end of the first quarter, with the Broncos at their own 25. Patrick Robinson returned it to the 15 and the Eagles scored their second touchdown of the day three plays later.

It was 31-9 Eagles at the half. So, basically this game was already over. But just to drive the point home, the Eagles scored two more touchdowns in the third quarter. The second one coming off of — you guessed it — another Osweiler interception at his own 25. This one was returned to the 11 and the Eagles again scored in three plays to take a 44-9 lead through three quarters.

The Eagles pulled their starters for the fourth quarter and STILL managed to score another TD. One of the two garbage TD’s the Broncos got came on a Von Miller strip sack returned for a score.

The loss is the Broncos’ fourth straight, giving them a 3-5 record and putting them in a 3-way tie with the Chargers (3-5) and the Raiders (3-5) behind the Chiefs who have a firm grasp of the division lead.

If you go by tie-breakers this early in the season, the Raiders are still at the bottom as the Broncos and Chargers have split their season series and both teams have beaten the Raiders.

The Raiders will have an opportunity to take a half game lead on both the Broncos and Chargers tonight (or fall to dead last) when they face the Dolphins on Sunday night football. The Chargers are on a bye this week.

Another chance will come for the Raiders to even the season series with both the Chargers and Broncos when they face each other in week 12 and 17 respectively.