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Ezekiel Elliott staves off suspension long enough to run through Chiefs

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We’re 9 games into the season and the initial 6-game suspension handed down to Ezekiel Elliott has yet to actually happen. For those unfamiliar, Commissioner Roger Goodell handed Elliott the suspension for allegedly beating up his ex-girlfriend in July of last year.

Elliott’s initial suspension was handed down on August 11, well before the start of the regular season, but a series of appeals has kept him playing each week with each week seeming like it could be the last game he plays.

The league suspended Elliott despite no charges being filed against Elliott because the police could not confirm his ex-girlfriend’s version of events and in certain instances, she was found to not be telling the truth.

We all know by this point, the league doesn’t need charges to suspend someone, but that grey area has had the case caught up in the courts. Elliott and the NFLPA have filed a lawsuit to have the suspension vacated. Just prior to the first game of the season, a judge in East Texas ordered a temporary restraining order to keep Elliott from being suspended.

Early last week, a judge ordered Elliott to begin his suspension, but he was granted a stay to allow Elliott to play against the Chiefs.

Elliott played a major factor in the Cowboys coming out with a win over the Chiefs in the game running for 93 yards and a touchdown on 27 carries. The Cowboys pulled out the 28-17 win.

The loss drops the Chiefs to 6-3 on the season, still with a commanding lead in the AFC West with the three other teams in the division sitting at 3-5. Should the Raiders win tonight, they would take the second position and close the distance to 2 games for the division lead.

A panel of federal judges will convene next week to hear Elliott's request for an injunction that overturns the ruling from Monday, which means Elliott could still start serving the suspension as early as next week if the ruling is not in his favor.

For the three AFC West teams trying to catch the Chiefs in the division, that’ll do just fine. If his suspension goes into affect, it would have him out just long enough to keep him off the field when the Cowboys face both the Chargers and Raiders.