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Raiders vs. Dolphins second half open thread

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Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphin Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Well, that wasn’t so bad! The Raiders lead at the half, 13-9. They don’t look nearly as incompetent as they have in recent weeks, which is a step in the right direction.

The Raiders began the game by marching down the field on the back of Jared Cook, who had nearly 70 yards receiving on the first drive alone. They kicked a field goal and went up 3-0. Miami responded by dinking and dunking their way into the red zone and then some bad tackling by Oakland gave Miami a touchdown, but they missed the extra point, hitting the upright.

Miami went with a surprise onside kick and got the ball back, but Kenyan Drake fumbled the ball back to Oakland soon after. Derek Carr hit a long touchdown pass to Johnny Holton, and Miami got a field goal on their ensuing possession. However, Derek Carr had less than a minute to work with and got the Raiders into field goal range for a long Giorgio Tavecchio kick to make the halftime score 13-9.

Jay Cutler has only thrown one incompletion on a Denico Autry batted pass, but Cutler hasn’t attempted many deep passes, opting instead to go for short passes to tight ends and running backs. The Raiders are bending, but not breaking. Even so, they need to improve their tackling if they want to remain ahead on the scoreboard.

Enjoy the second half!